Frequently Ask Question

It is easy! If this is your first time, just browse our website. visite the order now page, upload your photos, and submit an order by filling in the simple form called "Submit an Order" only!

We do not ask you to pay you in the beginning. You have to pay after you receive the complete photos and are satisfied with the quality. We always prefer PayPal, Master Card, Visa Card, Dutch Bangla Bank.

We include a team of extremely specialists who is very on time into the work we make although motionless preserve the top quality output.

All the professionals we enlist are highly capable in the company of more than many years of knowledge in these positions and we confirm all images for at least 3 times prior to release. In the beginning, we have group leaders who are keen on experts on how they work, while they are the exact way. In the end, we have a Quality Control (QC) who checks all the photos one by one and then we post those photos to the client.

Only the one time you allow our quote, do we issue a statement and mail it to you. The ad contains all the facts that add a push connection like "click to pay". Then click on these links and you will be redirected to PayPal where you have to pay through PayPal or other cards.